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Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Few Easy and Simple Steps

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Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Few Easy and Simple Steps

The elegance and character of hardwood flooring such as exotic hardwood floors makes it a favorite of homeowners; however, cleaning these floors makes the same homeowners think twice. The point is if you are really serious about considering hardwood floors, the way you plan or are willing to treat that floor is essential. Wood is a beautiful, natural, and timeless design and element. Consistent caring and correct maintenance will ensure that the flooring remains that way. But the question is how you could really go about cleaning the floors the easy way so that you can give it the care it needs for many years to come.

Here are five easy steps on how to clean hardwood floors:

  1. Sweep constantly- Keeping up with your floors is just as easy as sweeping every day. If you do this it will make it easier for you to clean up the floors when you do. Dirt and sand particles usually scratch up hardwood floors which will start to show wear and tear on the floors after a while. This is why it is extremely important to sweep daily and remove those particles off of the floor.
  2. Never clean your floors with water- Using water on your nice new wood floor will have your floors on their way to destruction. The reason for this is because when wood gets wet, it swells up. This means that your floors will start to lift in different areas because of the swelling and will cause the wood to dent.
  3. Always use a hardwood floor cleaner – Since we will not be using water to clean the hardwood floors, it is recommended that you purchase a specific cleaner for wood floors that you can use to clean once a week. These cleaners are equipped to have your floor looking its best with the finish that wood floors desire to look shiny.
  4. Place rugs in common areas- Place rugs in your entry ways for them to capture all of the dirt that is coming of everyone’s shoes. Moreover, it is best to also have rugs in your common areas where water is present. Wherever there is a sink or bathtub you can place rugs there so it can capture any water spills.
  5. Use furniture pads when moving things around- it’s obvious you wouldn’t want to start to leave scratches and dents from moving furniture around, so your best bet is to use furniture pads to prevent this from happening.

The screening method is the process of abrading the polyurethane floor finish currently on the flooring then applying fresh coats of urethane. Screening and recoating methods are good for rejuvenating and prolonging the life of the floor. However, if the damage is severe and has already gone through the stains of the boards down the bare wood, you can just sand and refinish. Just remember that this should be a last resort only if screening and recoating does not really solve the problem. This is because this is such an extensive process that involves sanding down the floor to bare wood, re-staining, and refinishing
Cleaning hardwood floors no longer has to be a problem for you if you follow the five easy steps that were shared. Sometimes we over think things and make them more complicated than they really are, so take the time to do these things and you will be glad you did.

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