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How to Clean a Comforter

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How to Clean a learn

A lot of people are having a hard time washing their full size comforters, mainly because of its huge size. These very large comforters are extremely heavy, that is why some people tend to just ignore their stinky extra-large comforters. Bringing your comforters into the dry cleaning shop will definitely cost you much, but don’t you know that you can easily clean your comforters using your washing machine, even a large one? Yes, you won’t have a hard time washing those heavy comforters because the machine will do all the work for you. Cleaning your comforter will keep it feeling new, soft and comfortable.

What to Know before You Clean

Buying a down comforter is like getting a puppy – when you finally bring it home, you realize you have no idea how to take care of it. Years later, your once-beautiful down comforter is frayed, dirty, and severely lacking fluff.

Before you read on about how to clean your comforters, keep in mind that the less you wash your down pillows and comforters, the longer they’ll last. Cleaning is hard to resist – especially if you watch those horrific Dateline specials on dust mites and bed bugs. When it comes to comforter care, you have a few cleaning options.

Dry Cleaning
It’s the most expensive way to clean your comforters, but with dry cleaning, you can avoid a hernia caused by lifting a forty-pound blanket into the washer. And your laundry machine won’t be tied up while you complete the all-day process. Look for cheap and reputable cleaners that specialize in down comforters.

Dry cleaning is your safest bet. But keep in mind it costs approximately $25 to clean a comforter. Read your comforter’s special care instructions. Some comforter manufacturers will list dry cleaning as your only option. Some will say not to dry clean your comforter at all. Reading the instructions can prevent a down comforter disaster.

Washing It yourself
Save a few bucks by washing your bedding at home. Many people avoid this because they fear the blanket will end up with the feathers on one side. Or that the “comfort,” will be flattened out and it will no longer feel new.

Wash your down comforters only when necessary – harsh washing sometimes damages the down clusters and strips them of their natural oils.

Size Matters
Make sure your machine is big enough. Most recommend you use a front-loading commercial washer. If your washer isn’t up to snuff, head to the laundry mat.

Avoid Liquid Detergent 
Standard liquid detergents use wax in their formulas, which can cause down feathers to bunch together. Instead, there are special mild detergents made for cleaning down comforters. Don’t forget to spot-treat any stains before you wash.

Fluff Your Comforter in the Wash
Set the washing machine on delicate and allow the water and mild detergent to mix before placing the comforter inside. Also place a clean, white pair of tennis shoes (no laces attached) to keep the down evenly distributed.

After your down comforter has washed, it will look very flat but don’t be alarmed. Place it in the dryer and add dryer balls to fluff it up. Down comforters take a few hours to dry but you want to make sure there’s no moisture left, so it doesn’t flatten the feathers.

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