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How To Clean Marble

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How To Clean Marble

A beautiful stone used for flooring, making tiles and countertops, marble is not just good looking but also sturdy. It develops naturally from metamorphosed limestone and a combination of natural elements. This creates a soft material in which numerous colors and patterns have been created naturally. The reason why marble is so popularly used in houses is the fact that it looks very good and gives a sophisticated look. However, it also gets stained, dulled and damaged easily. Thus, if you have marble in your house, you must know how to take good care of it. There are many products and methods which are easy to follow and commonly used to take care of the stone. Here are some tips to help you to clean marble efficiently:

  • Regular cleaning– Since marble is light in color, it can get stained easily especially the ones used in the kitchen due to the spilling and spraying of the liquids in frequent use there. For example stains from coffee, orange juice, turmeric. Even if something is spilled try to wipe it as fast as possible. In fact, plain water left on marble for a long time can discolor marble.

Whatever products you use to clean marble surfaces need to be marble safe since certain chemicals often react with the stone and ruin it. Depending on the marks, dish soap and water is the quickest solution to marble stain. Damp a soft cloth in the solution and clear your marble surface. Warm water can be used for marble floors. While vinegar might be your handy home cleaner, its relation with marble is not really friendly; hence do not use it to clean marble surfaces.

  • Removing stain– Removing stains from marble can be a little dicey but not impossible or tough. Baking soda paste, made with a little amount of water can be applied directly on the marble and covered with a plastic wrap. This can be kept without worries for a time of 24 hours. Open the plastic to check the progress on stain removal. You can repeat the process with fresh paste if the stain seems persistent. A mix of flour and mild dish soap can be used in the same manner.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used for lighter colored marble but not for darker colored ones. Corn starch can be poured over the stained area. Let it sit for some time and check whether it has absorbed the stain and repeat the process if possible.

  • Scratch Removal– Using a soft cloth and wiping the area with warm water is a simple and mild solution for removing scratch from marble surfaces. For slightly deeper scratches, use mild grain sandpaper and rub it on the scratched area. Do not use the course grained ones lest you want some more scratches!

Try not to use sharp objects near the marble or at least use a protective cover such as a chopping board to prevent marks on the surface. Also, try to wipe spills on marble as fast as possible to prevent marks of any sort.

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