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How To Get Rid Of Mould

How To Get Rid Of Mould

Mold a type of fungus that grows in any area which is moist and has a temperature between 4.5 and 40 degrees Celsius .  They spread through spores which are released in the air. This takes place in any damp place in the house. Molds appear as black grout lines in showers, room corners, kitchens, damp wooden surfaces and the like. It creates dark marks, leads to black spots, and rots wood. It is also bad for the human health especially those prone to allergy attacks. Molds can give sneezes and runny noses to those inhabiting the house. They sometimes let out bad odors too.

Different Types of Molds and How to Identify Them

The most common kind of molds is the mildew which comes across as tiny black spots but grows fast. They are often seen as black marks on damp walls, deck board surfaces, and other damp areas. They are confused with dirt blobs. An easy way to identify them is to put a few drops of household bleach on the area and if it lightens it is a sign of mildew. If it doesn’t, then it is dirt. These are not damaging molds as such.

There are other types of mold which rot the surface on which they grow. Check the area on which the mold has grown with a screwdriver. If the wood crumbles, it means that the fungus has started to rot the wood. This kind of mold usually also gives off a typical stale odor. Classic places where molds grow are damp crawlspaces, damp carpets and damp walls.

How to Remove Mold Infestations

The easiest way to remove molds is to use a solution of bleach and water, mixed in a proportion of 1:8. If the mold grows in a place which is not easily visible to the eye, then you can identify it with the mushy smell or feel. If the infestation is over a large area then you need to take stronger measures to remove it. Wear a mask and separate sets of clothes and shoes which can be thrown away immediately after the job is done. N-95 respirators or P-100 are specially recommended. Set up a box fan around the window to ventilate the room but throw it out once this is over. Cover all window openings with tape to prevent the spores from blowing in. If it is your carpet, then take it off and wrap and tape it before placing it in 6-mil plastic. Double pack and throw in the garbage.

In case of walls which have developed a mold growth, you will need to redo it, but before doing so, you must open up the wall, find the entire mold that has been growing, let them dry completely. Before you start taking the layers of wall, first drill a hole in the damaged section and find out the wires. Turn off the power before you start your work. Occasionally, change spongy studs with fresh ones and if it cannot be removed then use wood preservative to clean the wood.

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