How to Remove Mold from Shower Caulk or Tile Grout

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How to Remove Mold from Shower Caulk or Tile Grout

Cleaning tile grout should not be a hard task to do.  It’s the grout that makes it so difficult.  In order to accomplish this task one must have to scrub and wash and sometimes this still doesn’t do the trick.  I’ve put together a few tips for helping you to make this chore easier to do.

Grout not only helps to protect the sides of your beautiful tiles but also is what keeps your tiles together.  The most difficult to keep clean is usually the bathroom and kitchen grout.  That’s because that’s where the mold, mildew, grease, grime and dirt seems to accumulate the most.  It would be wonderful if you had a regular scheduled time to clean your grout to avoid excess build up, thus making it much easier to avoid the difficult chore.

Some common rules that should be followed are simply, first, wash the grout in water to remove any surface dirt or grime.  I would not advise using bleach on any colored tiles or colored grout.  This would cause damage and fading to occur.  To scrub your grout it’s always best to use a bristle brush with stiff bristles.  A toothbrush is to soft and you definitely do not want to use a wire brush either.  Always be safe and open a window in the area you are working in to avoid the fumes making you ill.  Use protective glasses and gloves for your safety as well.  You may want to sample an area with your cleaner first to make sure it does not damage your grout in any way.  Also NEVER mix cleaners together that have chemical contents that cause noxious reactions.

You may already have some of the best possible cleaning supplies right in your home. Take for example that you can make an effective cleaner for grout by mixing one equal part baking soda to the same amount of water, forming a paste.  Dampen the tile and spread the paste onto it.  Let set for a bit and then scrub clean with your brush.

You can also use bleach as well.  However remember as I have stated above “not recommended for colored tiles or grouts”.  Mix bleach with equal part water and spray onto the grout directly.  Let ѕіt and watch the mоld and mildew go away, leaving you with clean white grout.  I would do this every week to keep it clean.

Hydrogen peroxide is another wonderful cleaning product you more than likely have at home too.  Just spray this on and then mop it clean.  Not only are you cleaning but disinfecting as well.  This is a economical and safe cleanser to use and worth investing in.

Of course commercial products will also do the same.  However you are risking using abrasive chemicals when using commercial cleaners.  If you still prefer the commercial cleaners then take precautions around young children and babies.  Never forget to read and follow the label instructions.

If you will make cleaning your grout part of your weekly routine you can avoid the heavy build up which will prevent you from hours of extra cleaning and as well keep you off your knees.

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